Taking my first Barry's Bootcamp class

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

I've never really enjoyed working out... period. Then I tried SoulCycle and realized holy crap this can totally be fun. Well 5 months into my fitness journey my sister suggested that we switch it up and take a Barry's class. My immediate reaction was a reluctant, "Ok,sure." Afterall, for the past year my friends had been asking them to join them in the morning and I gave them a hard NO answer every time. Here's the thing, I'm not a runner nor do I enjoy being yelled at. I assumed (poorly) that the class was going be to a lot of yelling and running so I just decided it wasn't for me.

Anyways, fast forward to yesterday when I purchased the intro 3 class pack and signed up for an 8:30 am class with my sister. I was pretty nervous after I parked but I was greeted with a warm smile from the front desk and they walked us through the place. It's got all the basics that any studio worth their cost has and more. They stock their bathrooms with Oribe everything all the way down to the hand soap and face wash. The bathrooms are beautifully designed and they lockers are wide enough for all of your things aka no more having to store your gym back vertically in your locker!

Before class starts you meet in their lobby and meet your instructor. They tell you where you're starting and then they release you into the Red Room. Today was Sunday Service which for some reason didn't sound relaxing at all. At first, I wasn't too excited to be in the Red Room, especially when we were told our weight options for women were 12, 15, or 20-pound weights. I seriously was like "Ummm aren't there smaller weights in here?" The answer is no, 12 was the lightest. We started with squats and I was pretty excited that the exercises were something I was familiar with... Then we started working with resistance bands and I just had to sit there and laugh. Watching myself struggle with these rubber bands was hilarious. I seriously thought that I could do a double floor workout but by the time it was time to switch to the treadmill I was ready.

My time on the treadmill flew by. I couldn't get myself up to the higher speeds but I did max myself out at an 8.0 speed. There was even a point when I realized it was easier for me to go faster and stay on an incline than it was to go to slow... who knew? Their treadmills are amazing too, I normally don't run on them because I have a fear tripping on my shoelace and flying backward. These allow you to run at high speeds and feel really solid under your feet which made me feel more confident.

By the end of the class, I decided that I actually enjoy running and honestly prefer the running than the floor exercises lol. I was surprised I didn’t feel tired but instead, I felt completely energized. An hour later I wanted to take another class!

Do you love Barry's? I need shake suggestions!


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