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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Today was Easter, my first one completely at home in all 34 years of my life. Growing up every Easter was spent in San Diego with my mom's side of the family. Once I had my own family we would go to my mom's house and spend the day with my immediate family. Today was the first day we spend it at home, just the 4 of us. I spent the day baking cookies and making a prime rib for dinner.

Easter 2020

I missed mass at my regular parish and was lucky enough to find a lunchtime Easter mass at Holy Spirit (I seriously would have felt really bad if I missed mass today). The message was perfect today - though it started a little strange, I had to ask myself where the priest was going with the homily at first but I liked it none the less. The priest started by calling out that 2020 is the year of the Rat, then proceeded to refer to us as Rats in our own right at the moment. Yes, I already see what face you're making; I made the same one. What he said next really hit me though - Rats only come out for food and when they see people they run and hide. That's exactly the life that we're living right now - we tend to run from human interaction, we take a step back when someone gets to close to us. The biggest question that continues to be asked of us or that we may be asking ourselves is "Where is God during this time?". The answer was that God continues to show himself to us through the acts of others. You have to look a little harder than during "regular" times but when you look around you, it's very clear. God comes to us through the front line workers, first responders, those that are shopping for us and preparing our food. God also comes through us in random acts of kindness, every time that we decide against taking more than we need or when we stop and smile to a stranger walking past us.

The truth is that our reality looks different today, it's going to look different for the foreseeable future too. The choice you have to make is how you plan to challenge yourself, especially your personal growth during this time.

Take some time to reflect on what you're learning from this time at home... who were you when you started sheltering in place? Who do you want to be coming out of it?


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