SIP: Week 6

As most of you know I've been training for a half marathon while we've been sheltering in place. This wasn't going to be a marathon with all the bells and whistles but this was the first marathon I've ever been interested in doing none the less. The best part is that I was training with a team of over 150 people from all across the world. This to me was a huge deal, I'm not a runner nor have I ever had any desire to run, not even a 5k (lol).

The best part of this entire thing is that as a team we have a run coach - someone who puts together a plan for what kind of runs we'll be doing and paces us so we know just how far we can/should push ourselves. We also had someone in the group that is a nutritionist, she always provided reminders on how to properly fuel before, during, and after. I can't wait to get back to training once I'm all cleared by my doc.

Last Sunday I went for the longest run of my entire life, a whole 7 miles. I had adjusted some of my training days because according to my Whoop, I wasn't recovered and shouldn't be putting too much strain on my body. Anyways, I felt like that run was the worst run I've ever done. I literally thought that I was 3 miles in, looked down and was only 2.3 miles into my run! I thought to myself, crap I still have almost 5 miles to go before I can go home. I pushed myself nonetheless, especially on my last mile. I really didn't want to keep going but I was determined to finish, even if it meant that I hated every minute of it. I got home and immediately felt sore, especially in my right foot. I figured I was just tired from the run, I did some stretching and massaged my calves and foot using my gua sha tools paired with my Wellness CBD cool stick and went to bed. The next day I work up and it hurt to walk. I couldn't flatten my foot to walk on it. Then the next day it hurt even worse to put pressure on it and my foot was swollen and starting to change color. Something hit me mid-way through a meeting - "What if this is something else?". I literally started to panic, maybe this is a fracture? What if have a stress fracture because this part of my foot is always sore after a run? OMG, WTF?!?? So I called the doctor and had a video call with the doctor who told me it could be tendon and fracture-related and asked me to come in for an x-ray.

Boot Life!

I then spent the next 20 hours worried that I had there was something really wrong with me because of course, that's just how my mind works. Anyways, I get to the doctor and have my x-rays done and there are no fractures but there's a tendon strain for sure. I get put in a boot for 3 weeks and then we see what happens after that.

So the real story is now what, what do I do now that I can't really exercise anymore? How will I cope with the sheltering in place? Well, the reality is... it sucks. After a week of not being able to work out - I'm feeling miserable. The pain meds leave me groggy and irritable but the pain is pretty high without them. I am looking for ways to keep myself busy and also now realizing how important it is to LISTEN to your body. You aren't trying to prove anything to anyone by pushing yourself harder than you need to go. You aren't gaining anything by getting yourself hurt either. The entire time that I was running I was telling myself that my body would take me as far as my mind wanted to go, the pain I was feeling was something I could push past. No, that was actual pain and my body telling me that something was really wrong.

What I've learned is that there is a fine line between pushing yourself and overdoing it. So when I'm back and ready to hit the pavement again I'll be more careful and wise. I'll also go to a running store and have them recommend shoes that are good for my gait and make sure to spend time strengthing my ankles!


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