How I've been keeping my hair healthy

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

I've been working out a lot lately which means a sweaty scalp in addition to needing to maintain my hair color. I need to make sure that I'm not drying out my hair extra especially during these winter months. I also need products that will help stop my hair from turning into a lions mane.

Great hair starts with your shampoo and conditioner in my humble opinion... I always look for products that are sulfate-free and good for color-treated hair. Since I've also lightened my hair I use Fanola's purple shampoo to remove any hints of yellow from my highlights.

If you don't have blonde in your hair here are my two favorite brands. I love Brazilan Blowout products, especially this shampoo. If you have had a Brazilian blowout in the past, you'll want to use this shampoo so your the straightening effects last longer. If you haven't had one this will control the frizz just fine.

I came across the Davines brand when I was an avid Barney's New York (RIP) shopper, they had the best goodie bags and this brand was in there one time. The conditioner is AMAZING, it makes my hair feel smooth and really nourishes it. I literally have the softest hair when I use this conditioner. If you have thin hair, a little goes a long way, you can even use this as a weekly mask.

My post-shower products are the ones I live by, without them my hair is super frizzy and dry. I really think these guys are the reason why my hair is so healthy and doesn't have the breakage most people would expect it to have. First I use the All in on Milk and spritz it into my wet hair, then I mix the Fanola leave-in conditioner with the Davine's Oi Oil and focus that on the middle to the ends of my hair. Then I use the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Serum from the middle to the ends and top it off with Redken All Soft Mega Hydramelt. From there I just let it all air dry and continue on with my day. If you're interested in seeing what my hair looks like on a daily basis, check out my Instagram page and give me a follow while you're there.


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