Corona Virus: Day 5

Emotions: Frustrated, Sad, Hopeful

Inner Compass Card: Flow

Today was probably my hardest day of social distancing. I am starting to see the impact it is having on my little one and it's heartbreaking. They haven't left the house this week and today was probably the most time they've spent outside since last weekend.

I started the day with a nice long bike ride with John, it was so nice to move my body in a way that felt "familiar". I use quotations because that ride was hard AF lol. It was my first time riding to the top of San Bruno mountain so that was a new feat to be proud of. The only thing I want to keep working on is my timing and pacing myself up the hills. I also have to appreciate that the hills that used to be really hard aren't as hard anymore.

We also sold my first road bike today to someone in the medical field. It was really nice to connect with people even if we had to stay our distance from them. Turns out they went to school at Cal Poly and we were able to share some of our favorite places to visit together.

The sun came out and so we spent time outside playing catch with the football and some pepper with a volleyball. We saw a few of our neighbors outside while they went to check their mail which was nice too. I felt really bad watching the kids play with one another, partially because I remember my own childhood and it reminds me so much of growing up with my sister. See, we were only allowed to play with one another... there were other kids in the neighborhood but we didn't get to play with them. My kids, on the other hand, have a lot of friends and cousins to play with. They have cousins their age that they see pretty often, especially now that spring sports are in full swing. Now for the foreseeable future, they'll really only have one another to play with which kicked off my sadness.

We went to pick up food from Maverick Jacks for dinner and we saw our favorite manager. She was so excited to see my husband and I think that's what made me sad. There are so many people that I see daily and weekly that I can't see anymore and it's really hard to accept that. I had to explain to my son today the reason why we can't go out and he just nodded to me with tears in his eyes. They miss their friends and their schedule and I miss having my routine too.

The great news is that as long as we are sheltering in place we can still go pick up food and interact with people. Also, some of the restaurants are busier now than when people could eat at the actual restaurant. There is a high demand for delivery workers too! I'm also seeing brands do some amazing things to help the community that keeps their doors open.

Bottom line, today was a hard day but tomorrow could be better we just need to wait and see =)


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